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All About AV eBook

All About AV eBook

Chapter 1 –
Be Effective and Buy Correct Tech
Chapter 8 –
Must Have AV Business Trends
Chapter 2 –
Creating a “Customer First” Experience
Chapter 9 –
Prevent a Projector Nightmare
Chapter 3 –
Does Your Tech Translate into Increased Revenue?
Chapter 10 –
Privacy Laws and AV Design
Chapter 4 –
Electronic Waste is a Problem
Chapter 11 –
The Internet of Things is Here
Chapter 5 –
Providing On Demand AV for Generation Z
Chapter 12 –
The Similarities of Sound and Light
Chapter 6 –
Home Theaters are Long Gone
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  • Why should I consider this eBook?

    This is not only a good book to brush up on your AV knowlege but it is a great gift idea.  Good resourcse for you local school or church volunteers too. Students, Teachers, Volunteers would all benefit from this.

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