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Zoom Setups

Graphic Design by, Kate Couch Photo by: Canva

Written By: Kate Couch and Tony Sprando

Finding the right equipment for your virtual meetings.

Many companies are now using the application Zoom for virtual meetings. This solves a lot of problems and even post-pandemic will probably be used on a regular basis. Virtual meetings are extremely efficient and helpful for traveling or non-local employees. However, getting the proper set up so you can have efficient meetings is crucial. Gathered below is a list of video and audio equipment made specifically with virtual meetings in mind. Maybe you'll find one that'll be just right for your company. Most of these Products do require AV installation. Make sure to reach out to a local AV company ( like AV Bend!) to find the right products and set-up for you.

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Price $

The Meeting Owl Pro is a 360-degree camera, mic, and speaker device for meetings. You would set this device on the center of the meeting table and when someone was to talk the camera would spin and face that person. There are multiple cameras inside of the head so the spin would not be drastic. Is described as an extremely immersive experience making meetings easy to have and there is no need to crowd together in front of a single angle camera. It can connect with their other technology that makes meetings easier known as their meeting headquarters which is a tablet that connects to other products and a host be the Hub of the meeting. It is ideal for large room meetings with lots of members and people who want something that is easy and efficient. It comes with a two-year warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Price $$

Logitech teamed up with Zoom to create what they coined is Zoom room Solutions which is a bunch of products specifically designed to help with Zoom meetings. They have packages that are called Zoom room packages that come with cameras, microphones, and host hub tablets. They have way more information on their website but it can go from something as simple as a camera as a one angled camera microphone duo that can sit on a desk all the way up to multiple cameras in a full set up if you choose to go with something like that you may be better off having an audiovisual company install it for you. They have over a dozen products for you to find the right one for your company. Logitech Zoom room solutions are best for people who need a wide range of options and to use Microsoft and PC software.

Price: Require individual quotes

An IP-based platform for AV control, plus room scheduling and AV asset management. It does not have a microphone or camera setup, however, it is a great way to control a Zoom room that already has an audio-visual technology plan integrated into the room. It is also good for any other technology you want to connect with. This is a bit more intricate of a system and would require an audio-visual company to set it up and get it started in your workspace. If you plan on using Zoom or other audio-visual technology-based programs long-term this is a good option for you.

Price: $$-$$$

Legrand has a very large selection of high-quality cameras used for all over a room. From the ceiling to the walls, on tables, and in other areas, they have a camera that will fit. They have something that not a lot of other companies have, ceiling microphones. Ceiling microphones are super convenient for people who need a lot of table space and want something that is aesthetically pleasing and out of the way. Legrand Has some of the most high-tech setups and product options but do you require a lot of planning and an AV team to set up. If you want something that you plan to be semi-permanent, sleek, and high-quality Legrand is the company for you.

Price: $$

Extron is a camera mic combo that comes with a control tablet similar to other companies. It is good for small to medium-sized companies that don't have people that don't have more than five or six people in a meeting at a time. They have excellent audio quality and aren't as simple as the Owl Labs, but not as high-tech as some of the others. It would require some professional AV set-up, but very minimal compared to what other products need. It's also a good option for Apple users as they cater to that specifically in addition to Microsoft/PC. If you've got a small space with, limited budget but still want something that has high quality this is a good option for you.

Price: $$$

The Crestron Workspace solutions UC-B30-T is a camera microphone combo with a control panel and built-in wall mount for the system and TV/ Monitor. This is one of the spender solutions on the list, however, it's an extremely easy process to set it up and the materials are high-quality. It's ideal for meetings under 10 people who don't need a lot of fancy camera angles or microphone setup. If you have a company that's fast-paced and wants a solution that's going to be, quick, efficient, and still have excellent quality this is a great solution for you. Unfortunately, they only cater to Microsoft users.

Price: $-$$

Stem audio has some of the sweetest microphone and speaker solutions on the market today. Using Shure audio combined with the designs needed for virtual meetings they created 5 products for users to choose from. If you already have a good camera setup or are doing virtual meetings via Audio Only stem audio is definitely something to consider. They're on the cheaper end for such high-quality audio equipment.

The pricing of the solutions that we listed also varies based on how easy or difficult they are to install. Once you get an idea of a couple you might be interested in it’s best to reach out to your local AV company (like AV Bend!) to see how much it is going to cost you to solve the specific problems that you have with virtual meetings. Luckily over the last year, a lot has been designed and put out on the market so whether you have a budget over $1,000 or under $1,000 there's going to be something that will work for you.

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