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Tony's Faves from InfoComm 2018

InfoComm is the largest, most exciting event in North America focused on the pro-AV industry, with 1,000 exhibitors, thousands of products, and 44,000 attendees from 110 countries. I had the pleasure of attending this year, and it was a blast! The following is a list (not in any particular order) of my favorite booths, products, and people from InfoComm. Enjoy!

Projection Mapping by NEC

Imagine this – You see a tall bookshelf-style display cabinet, with white molded feet under it (that being strange enough, it was a “wait for it moment”) and then suddenly, you realize the feet all had on shoes! The tech used here is projection mapping. It was a demonstration that you can “map an image on any 3d object and transform it into anything you like.” In this case, it was to show off the fact you can project an image on to these feet any shoe make, style or color you want. It is my understanding that shoes have a shelf life and this solution would be have “LEED” (aka low carbon foot print - no pun intended) applications for the retail market. Learn more about NEC’s Unique Laser Projector Portfolio on their website.

Elation Lighting

If you walked by the Elation Booth and you were not mesmerized by the lights, then you are from another planet. These were not from another world, but from right here on planet earth! They have so many options and models and you should check them all out on their website.

Eiki International

To quote Austin Powers, “And that is to have sharks with frickin' laser beams attached to their heads!” Though Eiki International did not have a live shark tank with laser beams, I learned the following – not all laser projectors are created equal. What makes Eiki projectors unique is that, though they share the same factory where the other brands get their “laser core,” Eiki does not skimp on the engineer or quality of the final product. As stated on their website, “Featuring 10,000 Lumen brightness, a 100,000:1 contrast ratio, and the superior color performance resulting from the use of both blue and red lasers.”

JBL Eon One Pro

They were giving one of these away at the show. So, I did some poking around the unit that was on display. This would be a great rental unit. Easy to set-up and use with plenty of power and features. Sleek design, good coverage and battery powered ate my top pick features. Definitely visit their website to see all their options.

Acoustical Wall

This photo says it all. An Acoustical Wall with LED Up-lighting Effects. I believe this was done by Absen American, Inc.

I was wandering the Expo floor trying to find a place to eat my lunch and found an unoccupied table. I was not really concerned at what booth I was at, but it turns out, I was right were I needed to be. You see, I was in need of specifying some outdoor speakers for a Fair Grounds and I ended up sitting in the middle of the RCF booth. I gobbled down my Togos sandwich as the sales engineer approached me. He had all the right answers for all of my right questions. And when I returned the office, I had a complete design in my Inbox from them, which I then turned around to present a quote to my customer. I won the job! Thanks RCF!

Wall Smart

Just simply cool. As a designer, I love to install things that look architecturally elegant, which Wall Smart figured out. It’s not only a cool-looking way to install a touch panel into a wall or table but they designed it with the installer in mind. Check out the leader in Flush Wall Mounts - Wall-Smart.

Ace Backstage

Just simply needed! Nobody wants cables laying around on the floor or table, so Ace Backstage targeted all their products for just that and the focus is safety. Table and Floor Pockets are my favorite with finished brass or black lid. Did you know they do custom design? See Conference Table Port here.


Avlex is not a well know name on the retail and end-user side. But as I have experienced, “There are many good microphones to choose from in today’s pro audio market, but Avlex’s goal is to offer something better to our dealers and the end user.” The customer service is excellent, sales staff is knowledgeable and they are on top of all the FCC frequency requirements, which helps me out tremendously since I just don’t have time for that. My Rep is Bob Northmar, Jr., and he is by far the most helpful when it comes to finding dependable commercial grade gear. I trust him, so I trust Avlex. You can read more about Avlex on their website.

Crimson Mounts

I give this the Crimson Mounts booth my highest score for booth layout, space and product layout. Everything was easy to see and interact with - Projector Mounts, TV Mounts, Kiosk’s, Menus Board Mounts, Av Racks, Video Wall Mounting systems and much more. I got a Five Star welcome when I entered the booth and was listened to when I offered improvement suggestions. The ordering process is simple, and shipping is fast. Check out their AV mounting solutions via their website.

Almo Pro Audio Video

Almo Pro Audio Video are primarily known for their distribution of video gear and related gear. But did you know they have a value-add for all dealers? They supply Installation services, on-site/off-site Control and DSP Programming plus Content Creation and implementation for digital signage applications and much more. Learn more at their website to see why I rate them #1 in my Customer Service book.


What can I say? This manufacturer is destroying the competition on so many levels, there is no stopping them. Audio DSP, Video Integration, and so much more. I have been specifying Symetrix for years and it is by far the most reliable, IT and end-user friendly product, period. A word from the CEO, “With a singular focus on installed systems DSP, Symetrix delivers high performance audio hardware and software, backed by the highest caliber of customer care.” If you have not considered them, do it. Every component of my business loves Symetrix, Sales, Design, Installation and the zero service calls I get. Check out their website – DSP Done Right.

A Special Thank You!

A special thanks to rAVe and Gary Kayye for terrific show coverage and for having such a cheerful bunch of rAVers!

Watch the 10 min Video Here.

Hope to see you there next year!

Tony, the AV Guy

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